Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My first post to you

Dear Jellybean.....yes, that's what your dear Mama is calling you and who knows it may stick. We don't know yet if you are a boy or a girl but we already love you.

We are wondering if you will have dark hair like your Daddy, or your Mama's blue eyes? Will you like to read like the rest of our family or will you love to play sports or build towers and knock them down again?

You will have many names and your Diva will certainly give you many. We call them "pet names". These are names that only your family can call you. Your sweet Mama has had many "pet names". Your Poppa calls her "Button" because he says she has a little button nose (also because she was always very little and small.) Your Diva calls her "Punzel" because she always had long flowing hair like the story of Rapunzel. I also call her "Suzer", "Suzy Q", or"Baby Girl".

Names have special meanings. Your Mama's name is Suzanne Renee. I of course, think it was one of the most beautiful names in the whole world (not that I'm biased at all). Your Great Grandfather Watson (Diva's daddy) loved little babies. My oldest sister had 2 boys and no girls. After the second grandson my Dad looked at me and said, "I guess I'll have to wait till you get married to have my girls." At the time I was in high school and didn't even have a boyfriend.

My Dad also had a pet name for all of his 3 daughters. He called every one of us "Suzy" and I really wanted to give him a grand daughter named Suzy. He just laughed and said, I could name her anything I wanted but he would still call her Suzy.

I did not want to name your Mama," Susan" because your Poppa dated every Susan in Rockbridge County. We both liked the name Suzanne.....which means lily of the valley. Your Mama was always small and delicate so we thought it was the perfect name. "Renee" means "born again" and as Christians we really desired that our children come to love the Lord Jesus at an early age.

If your Mama had been a boy I would have named her "Benjamin Michael" which my mom (your great grandmother) totally hated! So I guess it was a good thing you dear Mama was a girl.

The quote for this post is "A rose by another name would spell as sweet." So regardless of your name you will be loved and cherished and prayed for every day.

Your Diva

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Announcing your arrival

Dearest Jellybean......Today your Momma announced your arrival to the world. We have known about you for quite awhile and believe me dearest you are never far from our thoughts or our prayers.

There are so many stories I can tell you about your wonderful mama and your dashing daddy.....not to mention the rest of our crazy family that is so excited about you!

So far you probably know that your Mama has a particular love of strawberries and French fries. She seems to get these craving in the evening sending your dear daddy out in the cold and dark to secure them for her.

Your daddy would slay dragons, climb mountains or swim raging rivers for you and your mama. You are going to be one really loved little baby. Your mama knows all kinds of wonderful stories and songs and will sing you to sleep every night. Your daddy will carry you close in his strong arms and let you sleep snuggled up next to his heart.

Your fun loving Uncle Andy will buy you Mets sleepers and take you to the ball game. He will teach you how to play Guitar Hero and will make you laugh at his silly faces and voices.

Auntie Becky will think you are wonderful and will share clothing and toys and keep you entertained. Your cousin Emma will be glad to have someone to play with when the family gathers together. Uncle Jerry will probably teach you some Kong Fu moves and may even set up the Jolly Jumper for you.

Your Poppa will cry when you are born and will think you are the sweetest, smartest, cutest baby ever born and will explode with relief to see your sweet face. Your Diva will break into a "happy dance" that will embarrass your mama and kiss your sweet cheeks. (Get used to it kiddo...that's what Diva's do.)

We are anxious to meet you but then we already know you. No one will ever love you more than your family. Sleep well and keep growing. Be kind to your mama ,she's new to all of this.

God has certainly heard about you from your overly protective Diva.

We love you,

Your Diva