Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Oz,

This is the latest pictures that always makes me smile. Uncle Andy taught me how to change my desk top screen image so I change it every week now. This is my current screen saver. Can you believe how quickly you are growing?

You love cars and especially hubcaps.  I think it's because they are at your eye level and shiny.   You can also see your reflection too.  I wonder if you will have a lasting love of cars and trucks.  I think this is just the first glimpse of a long love affair with cars.

Your Diva

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oz as cupid

Dearest Oscar,

Here you are as Cupid. Your very talented mom made this costume but the personality is all you. Your Mommy has posted more pictures of you as cute little Cupid here. You are so sweet and tolerant of your photo happy mom. Hint: You will have hundreds of photos of you before the year is out. Just smile sweetly and let her enjoy the fun of dressing you up.

Just remember you'll soon be able to run, squirm and make a fuss.

Love you and pray for you every day.

Your Diva