Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oscar's First Birthday

Dear Oz,

I'm sure you won't remember your first birthday but believe me, I will never forget it. Your wonderful Mommy sent out really cute "Cowboy Invitations" that she and your Daddy made and both sets of grandparents came to help you celebrate. Who knew you could bring families together? We all came to be a part of your special day.

Your Mommy had been planning your birthday for a very long time. She had "goodie bags" for the guests and even made a bandanna flags for decorations. The backyard was all decorated and you even had a cactus pinyata filled with candy. All your guest got a bandanna, and we played cow boy games like" pin the tail on the donkey", and bandanna bean bag toss.

Uncle Andy rented an Indian Costume to wear to your party complete with headdress and war paint. You love your Uncle Andy and laughed and laughed at him. You liked his bow and arrows too.

Everybody had a really good time. Poppa and Grandpa decided to show you how gunslingers used to have shoot outs in the wild wild west.. Aren't they silly?

I hope you know how very special you are to all of us. We love your smiles and giggles and would do anything for you. (Including wearing a cowboy hat and bandanna!)

Mommy made you your own little carrot cake with a big blue number 1 on it with a cowboy hat on top. Guess What? You had never had sweets and you didn't like it. You would have probably liked broccoli or yogurt better! No matter how much they tempted you you really did not want to eat the cake.

Mommy spent lots of time making and decorating your cake so here she demonstrating the proper way to eat it! Mommy made Mustang cupcakes for everyone and lots of good eats.

You got lots of nice gifts. You played really hard and were exhausted by the end of the party. Grandmother Marie fed you while everyone else cleanup after the party. Poppa and I gave you bath and got you in your pajamas and your Poppa read to you and put you to bed.

I'm not sure who was more exhausted you or your Mommy. Your grandmother Marie and I both agreed that you were the star of the show. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Your Diva

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

See you Soon

Dear Oz,

It’s September and it will soon be your first birthday . We look over the tremendous impact you have had on us and we wonder how we ever survived without your sweet smile, kisses and adoring looks. I love this picture of my “boys” on the porch swing sharing secrets, swapping stories and no doubt Poppa Charlie is teaching you about nature, cars and trucks or the value of having the right tools for any job.

We are excited to see you soon and participate in your Cowboy Birthday. Your Momma and Daddy have worked really hard to celebrate your first anniversary of arriving safely on planet Earth.

We are blessed by your smiles.

See you soon,

Your Diva