Thursday, January 7, 2010

Future talk with Oscar

Dear Oscar,

I saw this cartoon today and thought of you. One day you and I will have this talk. Yes, I truly think you will get your intelligence from your Poppa because he is a very smart man. He loves to learn and explore just like you.

He also loves to teach so I am sure he will teach you many interesting things. I had to laugh watching you and Poppa playing with the dinosaurs. He was telling you their names and what each eats and both of you would growl. Poppa would put the pieces in the right place and you would take them out, growl at each and toss them over your shoulder.

Even now at 15 months, your Poppa will see something he wants to tell you about or tell me things he wants to build for you. I hope you always have your Poppa's desire to tinker, and explore.

We love you very much and pray for you every day.

Your Diva