Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poppa Makes a Race Track

Dearest Oz,

This is the finished race car track your Poppa made for your third birthday. He knows how much you love cars and he wanted to make you something special for your birthday.

He designed it, cut the wood, put it together, painted it, built the cars and then made the starting gate.

He thinks you are one special young man and he is so very proud of you. You are growing so quickly that we hardly recognize you from month to month. Poppa is very smart so he knows how to make all kinds of neat things. I took this picture of Poppa's notes and the "sample" car he was making for you and your friends.

Here's Poppa cutting the wood for the track. He used an electric saw that was really loud and made lots of sawdust. I was glad he was working outside. Poppa makes lots of noise when he works and boy does he get grumpy if he has trouble cutting the wood. (I just wanted you to know Poppa would only do this for very special boys and girls!)

Here's Poppa making the individual track runs for each car. Did you know that you use math to build things? Diva is not
very good with math and Poppa does not like to listen to suggestions when he is building . (Just thought I'd tell you now in case you try to help him later!) After he built the cars and the track he spray painted the track.

Did you know that it is hard to spray
paint on wood when the wind is blowing? Poppa knows that really well as the paint was spraying on him as well as the wood. I'm really hoping that you and Charlie will enjoy playing with cars and the racing track for a very long time. Poppa made the track in two parts so it can be stored easily.

Diva made the artwork for the each track with a number so you can tell which car was in each lane. Some one waves a checkered flag in real races when the winner crosses the finish line.

Hope you like your track.

We love you

Poppa and Diva

Diva's Part of your party

Dear Oscar,

While Poppa was busy making your race track Diva was busy in the kitchen making you race car sugar cookie. Each had to be rolled out and cut with the cookie cutter.

After the cookies were cut out they were baked and then cooled. Diva decorated all of them for one special boy who was turning 3 years old.

(Special note: Diva is old and not nearly as clever at decorating cookies as your Momma so for me this was really hard work . Poppa had the easy part when it came to decorating your track!)

I also made the traffic light graham crackers and put together the veggie vehicles and fruit cars. When it comes to birthdays your Momma really knows how to throw a party and involve all of us as helpers.

Considering your Diva doesn't frost cookies or make cakes very often I was quite pleased that they turned out so well. All of the cars (both red and yellow ) had the number 3 on them because it is your third birthday .

The traffic light cookies are graham crackers that were frosted and had green, yellow and red M&M's on them. (They were yummy!)

This is my favorite picture of the day. You love blowing out the candles. Poppa helped make the forms for the O and the S . Your Momma wanted everyone to know whose birthday it was so she made the O-S-Car for you. You thought it looked like a taxi cab. You and your friends enjoyed eating the O and the S too.

Your Daddy made cars for you and all your party guest and you played Red Light, Green Light and Follow the Leader. You liked blowing your whistle and holding up the stop or go sign.

We love you very much buddy, Poppa and I were so glad to be able to come and help with your party and spend time with you and baby Charlie. We pray for you every day and know that we are blessed to be your Poppa and Diva.