Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One smart little guy

Dear Oz,

You are amazing. You have such an active mind.
You are very observant and pick up ideas and thoughts so quickly.

Your sweet momma told me that after Poppa and I left you kept calling your Momma "Calf". That confused her and she was wondering why you would be calling her a baby cow.

It finally dawned on her that you were calling her "Kath" which is what your Poppa calls me. It is a shortened version of my name Kathy . Apparently you thought it was a term of endearment because your poppa uses it when he talks to me. Only you would think to use it for your own dear Momma.

That's pretty smart thinking little man. I love this picture of you. You are growing up much too quickly. Know that Poppa and I love you very much and pray for your every single day.

Be good to your Momma. She works so hard to make things nice for you and your brother and your sweet daddy.

Miss you more than hot chocolate on a cold morning

Your Poppa and Diva