Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diva's Home Made Boy Decorated Birthday Cake

Dear Oz,

Did you know that Diva hardly ever gets a birthday cake for my birthday?  Poppa made me one year, it was his first baking attempt and as far as I know his last.

This year your Mommy made me a cake and you boys helped frost it.  Diva loves sprinkles so there were lots of sprinkles and lots of love baked into the cake.  

I needed some helpers to blow out the candles and you and Charlie were happy to help.

I love your hugs and kisses and I love singing silly songs with you.  Do you remember the Gobbly Gook song?

Gobbly Gook
Gobbly Gook
Makes you sound just like a kook.

Gobbly Gook
Gobbly Gook

You told me, "Diva, you make me laugh!"  I like to make you laugh.

We have a good time together.

Thank you for my beautiful birthday cake.