Wednesday, September 10, 2014

At the library

Dear Oscar,

I am so glad you enjoy reading.  I know that you enjoy the library.  You like the Lego's, puppets, doll houses, coloring , and many other activities the library offers.

Your mom is an amazing librarian.  She has the best book groups and knows the best books to read.  You are a very lucky boy .

Poppa and I pray that you will always enjoy reading and finding adventures and answers to your many questions at the library.

Did you know that you, Charlie, Mommy and Daddy have your faces on a library bus?  How cool is that?  When you first moved to Johnson City, Tennessee your parents spent a lot of time at the library while waiting to move into their new home.  They had their picture taken with you boys for a special reading program that Dolly Parton supports.   Every child in Tennessee gets a free paperback book every month until the child turns 5 years old. They liked your family picture so much that they put in on the special bus.

I've never personally known anyone who has their face on a bus.

Love you so much,