Saturday, February 14, 2015

I mustache you this question.

Dear Oscar,

  Did you know know that Poppa used to have a mustache?  I never liked it because it was bristly like a broom and made my face red.  One year he shaved it off for my birthday.  Uncle  Andy was 13 and had never seen Poppa without a mustache.  He was shocked that Poppa looked so different.  Poppa really loved his mustache.  He has never been able to grow a beard like your dad so he was very proud of his mustache.  It was a real sacrifice for him to shave it off for me.  (He still misses it!)

For Poppa's 65th birthday we all put on plastic glasses, big nose, and mustache to celebrate him.  "Imitation is the highest form of flattery"  So we all tried to look like him.

For Poppa's 40th birthday (when he still had his mustache) all of us wore these to celebrate him.  Your Uncle Andy and Auntie Becky still lived at home at the time.  There was a commercial on TV at that time about a pancake house that sold "Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity" pancake special.  The people who ordered it in the commercial were embarrassed to say the name so they all wore the glasses and mustache as camouflage so no one would know who they were.  That's how your mother came up with the idea to look like Poppa as he already had a big nose, mustache and glasses.  ( You mom was already creative and smart as a teenager!).

Poppa loved having all of you sing Happy Birthday to him and enjoyed watching you play with the remote control helicopter he brought for you and your brothers.

I pray that you will always think your Poppa is wonderful and will always want to be just like him.

Your Diva

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reading Bible Stories

Dear Oz,

Diva had the opportunity to stay with you and your brothers while your Daddy was on a trip.  I got to stay and watch your brothers while Miss Maddie was sick. 

I love listening to you read the Bible Story from the Bible Story book right before bed time.  This morning while I was talking to Poppa on the phone you asked to talk to him.  You recited the 23rd Psalm that you had memorized.  I noticed that Poppa got really quiet ( that was because he was weeping for joy to hear you quoting scripture from memory).  You told him you also know Psalm 100. 

As your grandparents nothing makes us happier than to hear you memorize scripture.  Know that we pray for your every single day that you will grow up to be a kind, strong, loving Christian man like your Daddy and your grandfathers.

Love you kiddo.....Your Diva and Poppa