Saturday, December 3, 2016

Your Advent Calendar for Christmas 2016

Oz...I love watching you do nice things for your brothers without   anyone asking you to do it.  You have a kind heart and it makes my heart happy watching you.   Your Diva

Oscar, Poppa really likes that you are enjoying scouting.  He likes to be a part of what you are doing.  You will learn many new skills that you will be able to use all your life.   Diva and Poppa


Oscar, you have a wonderful brain.   You teach me so much about cars and trucks, space ships , animals and so many other things.  Who knows, maybe one day you might even be flying around in your own rocket ship.

Oz, This picture always makes me laugh.  Poppa and I pray for you every single day.  We pray that you will always be aware of all the wonderful and amazing discoveries all around you.  Diva

Oz, this is a picture of your dad when he was young.  You look a lot like him.  You have a great dad that loves you and your brothers, and most of all your Mommy.  I hope you grow up to be just like him .  Diva

Oscar, do you remember catching your first fish at Uncle Joe’s house in Alabama?  It was so much fun .  Thank you for letting Poppa and me come be a part of the adventure.   Diva

Oz, I love that you are brave and always up to try something new.  Your bravery makes your brothers want to be just like you.  Make sure you are a good example for them to follow.   Diva

 Oz, you don’t remember this but I will always remember the many nights I was awake and talking with you as a baby.  You had your nights and your days mixed up so I sat up with you so your tired  parents could get some much needed sleep.  I prayed over you then and I pray for you every single day.  Diva

Oscar,  I am so glad you love to read.  I laugh at Poppa and tell him if there was writing on the toilet paper he would read that too. I love that you share with me all the wonderful cars you like and all their special features.  Thanks for helping me learn.  Diva

Oz, Poppa and I enjoy living close to you.  We love spending time with you and love that we can be together more often.  Thank you for including us.  Diva and Poppa


Oscar, this picture makes me laugh...I love ice cream too!  I am a vanilla ice cream girl.   We will have to go out for an ice cream outing.   Diva

Oz, this is one of my favorite pictures of you.  Poppa and I were so pleased that you asked Jesus to come in your heart and that you were baptized by your dad.  I love to hear you memorize Scripture and I love to hear your prayers.  You make me feel very loved with your hugs… Diva

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