Sunday, March 13, 2016

Diva Camp Begins

Dear Oz,

Today was the day that Mommy and Daddy left for Iceland on a special trip .  While they are gone, the next 5 days, we will be having a wild crazy time at Diva's and Poppa's.  Poppa promised you on your birthday that boys that are 7 and older can go into the "Man Cave" and you are excited to see what treasures Poppa stores down there.  Poppa is really excited too!

Before Mommy and Daddy left for and your brothers gave them lots of hugs and kisses.  It was really hard for Mommy to leave her boys but she knows we will have a really good time and that it is a special time for Poppa and Diva to have my boys here.

You are growing so tall and you are so smart.  Henry found a button for me on the floor and I told you that Poppa is my finder when I misplace items.  I told you that Poppa always says, "Well if I'm your finder, what does that make you?"

Answer:  "The Loser!" 

You were quiet for a minute and said, "Diva you are NOT the loser, you are the asker".

My heart just melted at your thoughtfulness.

You really enjoyed Poppa's old Royal typewriter this afternoon.  It is 73 years old and you typed on it almost all afternoon.  You enjoyed writing silly stories on it.  You laughed and laughed at the stories you wrote.  Poppa was so pleased you loved his old typewriter (he does too!) and told me he is thinking about buying one for you tomorrow at Equipping the Saints.

This evening we heard from Mommy and Daddy that they were on the plane and asked for prayers about their trip.  We prayed about it at supper and you had the sweetest prayer for them at bedtime.  You also prayed that everyone would go to sleep so Poppa wouldn't be a grumpy ole bear tomorrow.  That really made me laugh.

I love you so much buddy.  Poppa was proud to share your first time watching the TV show " Myth Busters" of his favorite shows with you today.  I wonder what fun adventures we will have tomorrow.

Love you to the moon and back again....

Your Diva

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suzy bomgardner said...

Aww. I love this so much! That's my sweet boy.