Thursday, March 17, 2016

Diva Camp Day 5

Dear Oz, 

You had a really rough day today and it wasn't even your fault.  Poppa and I thought we would take you boys to the Green Valley Book Fair today as all of you love books.  Poppa especially enjoys the book fair and so we thought you would too.  We had some chores to do this morning so we got in the car with all of you.  The sun was shining on Charlie so he was hot and wanted more air conditioning.  You were squeezed in the middle and had the cold blowing directly on you so you were cold.  We ended up opening an umbrella and putting it in the window to keep the sun off Charlie especially when we were waiting on Poppa in the car.

Henry had a temper tantrum at the dollar store and was really mad at Diva.  He was sitting in his car seat so couldn't reach me so he decided to hit you as hard as he could in your face as you were right next to him.  You were just trying to be a peace maker so you were not expecting to be hit.  You cried and Poppa promised Henry a spanking when we got home.  Henry had a time out when we got home and did tell you he was sorry.

After lunch Poppa took Henry into the bedroom and gave his a quick swat (not wanting to hurt him but he had promised Henry a spanking).  Henry laughed at Poppa and told him it didn't hurt.  * ( Never, never say that to you might have thought Henry found out Poppa can spank harder!)

You are a very sensitive young man and helped Poppa with the wood and furnace outside .  Poppa really appreciated your help as the wood is heavy and needed to be stacked as well as the ashes scattered from the furnace .  

You and Charlie helped Poppa put "green slime" in one of the lawn mower tires. Poppa and Charlie drove the lawn mower tractor around the back yard for a while.   You and Charlie had races in the back yard.  You can run so fast....just like the wind.  I love to see you run.

After Charlie's nap.  We went to the Green Valley Book Fair.  You and Poppa went off to find a book especially for you.  This is what you picked.

The book is about warfare at night...a history of how things have changed over the last 100 years.  There are lots of pictures of planes in it.

Charlie chose this book and it came with legos and instructions on how to build special cars, trucks, and boats.  Both you and Charlie spent hours building with these special Legos.  Tomorrow we plan on going to the Children's Museum in Harrisonburg.  I am excited to take you.

Thanks for your help today.  I am sorry you got hurt trying to be a peacemaker.  I hope you never stop trying to help others.  I love your sensitive heart and your enthusiasm.  You made me very proud to be your Diva today.

Love you buddy,

Your Diva

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