Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Diva Camp Day 3

Dear Oz...Today is Tuesday and we went to Equipping the Saints.  This is where Diva and Poppa work and we wanted to show you around and meet some of our friends.  Diva spends a lot of time sorting clothing out of my big mountain of black trash bags. I call it Mt. Clothesmore and it is big enough to climb.  Poppa let you climb on my bags which is something he rarely lets other people do....I think he must really like you.

Poppa took you on a tour of the building and showed you all the room filled with items that missionaries need.  There are rooms with computers, rooms with books and Bibles, rooms with medical supplies, rooms with tools, a room with lots and lots of typewriters and even a room with musical instruments.  You liked that room a lot because there were several guitars, keyboards, drum sets and even xylophones. 

This afternoon you helped your Poppa find his lap top.  Poppa had taken it off the table and forgot where he put it.  He had been looking everywhere for it and was quite upset that he forgot where he put it.  I was pretty sure he had taken it down to the "man cave" but he couldn't find it.  We prayed about it and I asked you if you would go downstairs with Poppa and look around to see if you could find it.   Guess What?  You found it really quickly!  Poppa was so relieved and thankful.  It was a huge blessing!  Thank you for helping him.

This morning before we left for ETS you and Henry made "a pencil rocket" out of my dining room chairs.  You decided that you both needed helmets so you put a shirt over your heads.  Henry even had a seat belt you made for him.  It was quite ingenious .....you have a great imagination. 

We got to talk to your Mom and Dad on Skype in Iceland.  Afterwards we took you to a new playground called "A Dream Come True".  It was made by a Girl Scout as her Eagle Project.  The playground is also equipped for handicapped children so everyone can have a place to have fun.  It is a nice playground and had some really great features.  You seemed to like the speedway and that they had bikes, and scooters you could use.  

On the way home, Poppa stopped at Dollar General and gave each of you 2 dollars and told you to buy the coolest toy you could get for the money.  This was your choice.

We had a really special day today.  I love you  buddy.

Your Diva....


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