Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Diva Camp Day 4

Dear Oz,   Today was building day at the nest...Poppa has lots of spare parts down in the "man cave"  so he helped each of you build a control panel for your rockets or anything else you ever decide to build. Each control panel had a hand held microphone so you and your brothers could communicate in your rockets. He also cut boxes to make helmets and helped put sides on your rockets.  You decorated your helmet with "7's" and stars.  You have quite an imagination.

You built some chair rockets yesterday so Poppa thought you might like to expand the project and make sides, a nose cone and paint them.  My dining room chairs were ready to blast off by the time you were finished.  You had a picnic lunch in your cockpits while watching Ninja Lego cartoons.

When Henry woke up from his nap we all went to Gypsy Hill Park.  You were an instant hit on the playground.  You especially enjoyed the tire swing and rode it most of the afternoon till you fell off it. You were such a brave boy and you got back on the swing right after.  The boy who was pushing it made it go much too fast and that is why you fell off.  You met a little 8 year old girl named Sophia who wanted your phone number so she could call you about meeting at the park tomorrow.   You were getting cold so watched your brothers feed the ducks.

After we left the park, Poppa took everyone out for ice cream cones.  You had a vanilla cone with 3 scoops and ate every bite of it.  After Henry was in bed Poppa took you outside and let you use the night vision goggles....Super Cool.

It's been a busy day buddy....lots more fun coming tomorrow.

Your Diva......

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