Saturday, March 19, 2016

Diva Camp Day 7

Dear Oz,

This afternoon your mom and dad will drive from Baltimore and join us.  They had a wonderful time in Iceland and are bringing back some treats for all of us to enjoy.  This morning though we are going to Bridge Christian Church for the Easter Eggstravaganza.

It was a very cold and wet day so the eggs couldn't be hidden outside.  So, instead they gave each child a plastic bag with about 15 candy filled eggs.  You had your picture taken with the Easter bunny.  Charlie did not want to have his picture taken so you stood with Henry so he wouldn't be frightened.

They had face painting and cookie decorating in one room.  You had your face painted first (always the brave one).  You chose a Pokeman character and it was drawn on your face with water colored pencils.  

Charlie had a ninja turtle on his cheek and Henry went for a Superman symbol.

They also had sugar cookies you could frost and put sprinkles on.  Henry chose blue you had white with no sprinkles and Charlie frosted his purple (because it is Mommy's favorite color.)  They were tasty cookies.

The place you liked the most was the bounce house.  They had two of the them this year.  One was bigger with a slide and there was also a smaller one for smaller kids.  You were very kind to help a small boy who got frighten on the slide to come down.  You are one very bouncy boy.

by the time we left it was snowing big flakes.  We came home, had our lunch and watched some Myth Busters till Mommy and Daddy came to Diva's.

It is so good to have your parents back home.

I am somewhat sad because I also know that you and your brothers will be leaving for home tomorrow and Poppa and I will miss you.

So glad you had a special chocolatey day.

Love you Buddy,

Your Diva and Poppa 

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