Friday, March 18, 2016

Diva Camp...Day 6

Dear Oscar,   Today is the day you have been waiting for all week long.  We are going to go to Harrisonburg to the Explore More Children's Discovery Center.  We had an early lunch and Diva packed water bottles and snacks so we can stay all day.

Poppa found us a place right across the street from the Museum.  There is so much to do and it is somewhat overwhelming when you go inside.  The first place we stopped was the science room.  There were models of dinosaurs, build a bug, the visible man with body parts that you can remove, rocks, geodes, and lots of slides in a huge microscope.  You were intrigued by the super big projection microscope .

Charlie liked the human anatomy model and tried to get all the internal organs to fit back into the body.  He looks like a doctor....doesn't he?

Henry loved the polished rocks and the build a bug.  Poppa and Henry built this one.  We had a hard time getting you to leave this section so you could see the rest of the museum.

The museum has a spinning wheel in the entrance for those who don't know what to do first.  Each section has a colorful piece that if you land on it you can start your visit from there.  Poppa and I laughed because the wheel looks like a game show called "Wheel of Fortune".  We were afraid that if your parents saw this picture they would think we took you gambling in Los Vegas.

 You liked the ambulance and that you could sit in the drivers seat and operate the steering wheel and emergency lights.  You can also put on the siren and pretend to be a paramedic. 

Your favorite was the Joe Bowman garage.  The small car is on a rack and you can change the tires, the muffler, and add fluids.  The background is an actual picture of the service department at Joe Bowman Auto.

Henry liked playing with the Thomas the train village.  He spent a lot of time moving the trains around.  Whenever I couldn't find him he would either be with the trains or over at the car garage.

Henry didn't get a nap today.  He was very tired by the time we got home.  I know you will want to take Mommy and Daddy to the museum the next time you come to visit us.

What fun we had today.

Love you Buddy,

Your Diva

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