Friday, October 31, 2008

Oz and Pan

Dearest Oz,

This is a picture of you and Pan . You are wearing your "Kitty Shirt" that I gave you. You have two kitties, Pan and Juno. Juno is a shy cat and loves to hide under the bed. Pan is very protective of you. He likes to sleep under your crib or by your door. He likes to be around you and your parents. He is a really big cat.

I wonder if Pan thinks you are a big Kitty too?

More Pictures of your Halloween costumes

Dear Oz,,

Here's a picture of you and I. Your Mom had your jack-o-lantern shirt on you with matching socks. We took a picture of you and your little pumpkin. You were so cute. This is one of my favorite pictures of you and I. I'm sure I will have lots of favorite pictures of us together.

I have really enjoyed being here with you and your Momma this week. You and I have been getting up early (about 4 or 5) and having early morning conversations over your bottle.

You have given me sweet smiles and cuddle close. You sleep while I pray over you and kiss your little head. I will miss our early morning chats. You are growing up so quickly.

I know you will be glad to see your Daddy at the end of the week. He misses you and your Momma.

I love you little pumpkin boy......Your Diva

Uncle Andy Comes Over to Play

Dear Oz,

Your Uncle Andy came over to play with you today. Uncle Andy loves pizza and will eat a whole one by himself. Did I mention that Uncle Andy doesn't like to share?

Uncle Andy is your bachelor uncle so you are his experimental kid. He finds you totally fascinating unless you need to have your diaper changed or you spit up after eating. He will play with you and wants to take you to your first Mets game. He will make you laugh with his funny faces and I'm sure will be easily talked into giving piggy back rides. I'm sure he will be a big buddy to you. He is your Mommy's little brother (even though he is over 6 feet tall.)
I hope you always live close to him because he would be very lonely without you and your parents. Uncle Andy will probably come over frequently (especially if Taco Bell is involved) he can eat 5 half pound burritos at one time.

I can hardly wait to hear about all your adventures with your Uncle Andy.

I love you,


The Mummy loves his Mommy

Dear Oz,

Your diva brought you a glow in the dark shirt that says, "I love my Mummy" and has a mummy on it. Your very talented Mummy decided to make the look complete and wrapped you up in toilet paper to look like a mummy.

Your mom loves Halloween and made an outfit for you for every day of the week. The little pumpkin is one I bought for you shortly after you were born.

You are so kind and patient to let us dress you up and take your picture. I'm wondering what kind of outfit she will have for you next year. Your momma had so much fun dressing you that she didn't even try to dress up the cats this year.

Remember I told you about the smoke alarm going off. Well Diva put in two pizza's in the oven and one of them was against the oven wall so it burned and set the smoke alarms off again. Your mom killed the power and it kept ringing. Your shirt was glowing in the we could use you for a flashlight.

Know I love your sweet coos and smiles. Your poppa and I pray for you every single day.

I love you,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Cowboy Outfit

Look at your Cowboy outfit Oz.

Your shirt says I'm the boss around here! Do you see your cowboy items in the background. Your Mom made you the coolest Cowboy room that any kid has ever had.

This picture was taken right before your Dad left for Settle. He is pretty proud oh his buckaroo! I've got a secret to tell you. Your daddy really is going to miss you.

I made some muffins for your mom right after your dad left and while you were asleep. The smoke alarm went off and we couldn't get it off. We opened the windows and blew on the sensors and your mom finally turned off the breaker and the electricity. You slept through the whole thing. What a good sleeper you are.

You and I have the early morning shift. We have had some really good conversations. I love you very much and am having a great time watching you grow and soaking up your smiles.

Back in my arms again!

Dear Oz,

Here's your Diva! My goodness just look how you have grown. You were 8 pounds 4 ounces and over 22 inches long. You are really strong too.

You met me as well as your mom and dad. Your daddy and I went to the grocery store so we could buy some groceries for the week. You know I'll be fixing your momma's favorite dishes and baking some muffins and cookies for your uncle Andy.

Your momma has been busy making up some Halloween costumes for you. I think she has one for every day of the week. It's a good thing you are so photogenic!

I can play with you for a whole week. What fun we will have. Your Poppa misses you and calls every day. Your sweet daddy leaves for Seattle tomorrow. Your momma will be sad so we will have to be really sweet to her ok? I am so glad to be with you this week.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet the Divine Miss Em

Dearest Oz,

Allow me to introduce you to your cousin from the frozen north....the divine Miss Em. She is a little dare devil and I am sure she will teach you many new tricks.

She loves to dance and clap her hands. She loves to watch Blues Clues (I'm sure she will tell you all about it!) and is a good little momma to her doll babies. She can teach you how to stack blocks, how to knock them down, how to train Poppa to build things for you, pull you in the wagon and where Diva keeps her cookies.

She loves to swing and loves to go higher. She is the reason your Poppa bought a swing to hang in the shade tree in our back yard. She loves rocks, leaves and lady bugs. She adores her friend Jack and will teach you how to pick strawberries at Diva's house.

I'm sure she will show you where the toy stash is kept and how to wrap your Poppa around your little finger. Your Poppa and Diva are already making big plans for both of you to come spend a week with us at "Diva Camp" but you will both have to do a little more growing first.

Emma has a great laugh and smile that lights up the room. I think you will be great buddies.

Here Comes Diva

Dear Oz, It's amazing to me that you have so much influence on me for being such a small little man. Did you know that I'm flying out to see you today?

Yes, me.....all by myself without your Poppa. For a whole week I'll get to see you and your momma and spoil you both rotten. I'll make your momma favorite foods and play with you, and help your mom out while your daddy is away.

I'll be there for your first Halloween. I should warn you that your momma loves Halloween and I am sure she already has some costumes picked out for you. Won't that be fun? The costume I'll be wearing is "Proud Diva" of a handsome boy and awesome girl (just wait till you meet our Em!) I wonder if your mom will dress the kitties this year? Yes, she has been known to put costumes on them too.

I'll see you in a few hours sweet boy. Know that you are loved and all prayed up.

Your Diva

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You and Me Kiddo

Dearest Oz,

Yep, it's me Diva. The one that gives you kisses and sings you songs and occasionally takes on the 4 o'clock feeding for your very tired mom.

We've had some great cuddle time in those early morning hours. I promise to keep your secrets.

I have really missed you these last few weeks. I bet you have grown and are awake for longer periods of time now.

I plan to spoil you and your mom while your dad is out of town next week. What fun we will have! Your very first Halloween is coming up and I will get to spend it with you.

What costume are you planning on wearing? Go ahead and whisper it in my ear....I won't tell.

Know you are loved and prayed for every single day. See you soon Buddy!

Your Diva

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who do you look like?

Dear Oz....Happy Birthday!

You are one month old today and I'm not there to help you celebrate. Your poppa and I were there for your one week old birthday though.

You and I will have to have our own celebration next week when I come see you and your momma.

I know you are growing and changing every day. I'm sure that you will ask one day "Who do I look like?" Right now you a nice blend of both your mom and your dad. You have your Daddy's dark hair and muddy blue eyes (probably turning brown in a few months) but you definitely have your momma's little bow lips and small frame. You have a sweet disposition and so far have been very patient with your parents.

Your mom has already noticed some special things that you do. She calls them "Oscar-isms" I call them sweet mannerisms. One I noticed during your first week of life is that you would smile and cock your head in your sleep as if you were listening to angels whispering in your ear. Poppa says the smile was probably "gas pains" but we know better don't we Oz?

You are a special young man and loved very much . You have been prayed for every day. Can't wait to see you and see how much you've grown over the last month.

Your Diva

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Your Diva is a Hugger!

Dear Oz,

Run for the hills....your Diva is a hugger and she'll get you every time! I certainly hope you will be a cuddly baby. Your momma was and I loved it.

She loved to snuggle close and many times would fall sound asleep lying on our chest. Your Papa's favorite time of the day was after your momma's bath when she was feeling sleepy and warm and relaxed. Your Papa loved giving your momma a bottle right before bed. He loved to kiss her little head and smell the baby lotion. I think they shared many secrets on those evenings. Your Papa never told.....(he's a good secret holder!)

It was their special time together when he would tell her stories and dream dreams together. He was always her brave knight and protector and she his "little princess". (Don't tell your mom I told you.....she's always been the empowered princess!) He would put her down in the bassinet reluctantly and many times just sit there and watch her sleep.

I know your momma and your daddy will be very protective of you.....but Diva will get her hugs, even if I have to send the tickle monster to grab ya! Hugs are always free here!

Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies. ~Author unknow

Why you have a Diva

Dearest Oz,

It did occur to me that some where along the line you will be asking...."How come I've got a Diva instead of a grandma?"

Simple answer: You were very lucky sweetie!

Maybe you will have friends that call their grandmother by a different name. Some of my friends call themselves "Granny," "Nana", "Meme", "Nanny", "Oma", "Nan", "Gram", "Grandma", and one even calls herself "Honey Gram."

According to the dictionary a Diva is a female opera singer. ( No, that's not me unless you happen to hear me singing in the shower.)

A Diva is a person who controls what is going on in her environment and most especially her inner circle. Your Diva is bigger than life and the stories I can tell you kiddo! I'm hoping to be someone really special in your life. I want an active part in your life. I want to sweep you away on excursions, bake cookies with you, make up stories and corny jokes, have playdough in my hair, play trucks, climb trees and kiss away your boo-boos.

A Diva is a Star and I'm prepared to be the "twinkle factor in your life".